Tool Box
(A set of free software tools that I found very useful).
If you have any tool that you find useful and think should be included in this page, please let me know.

TFTP Server:                Pumpkin TFTP server
Syslog Server:              Kiwi Syslog Deamon  
Remote Admin:            VNC Server   
Web Server:                Savant Web Server
FTP Server:                 3Com FTP/TFTP/Syslog Server
                                Filezilla Server (FTP server)
Syslog secure tunnel    Kiwi Secure Tunnel


Syslog Generator:        Kiwi SyslogGen
Remote admin:            VNC client
FTP Client                    Filezilla

Serial to syslog conv    Kiwi Harvester
IP Subnet calculator:    WildPackets IP Subnet calculator
Units conversion:         Versaverter
World Clock (sync):      World Time
File splitter:                WinSplit
RawWrite:                   RawWrite for Windows
File rename:                1-4a Rename
Date calculator            1-4a Datestat
Unix commands ported to Windows:        The Berkeley Utilities

Telnet client:                Ptelnet

Floppy Distros
Traffic Generators  
Linux Routers:                Mikrotik Router
                                    Coyote Linux
                                    Linux Router Project